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Holiday Season in Ogunquit

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a visit to a picturesque town that looks like it was plucked...

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November in Lincoln, NH

Escape to tranquil Lincoln, NH for an unforgettable weekend getaway. Visit Seven Birches Winery for a wine tasting,...
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Escape to the Mountains for a Relaxing Weekend

Looking to treat yo' self? The White Mountains during off-season is just the ticket! You'll find the crowds have...

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Explore the Outdoors During the Off Season

Enjoy the Outdoors in the Off Season: Exploring Ogunquit, Maine! This delightful coastal town has outdoor activities...

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Surf on Cape Cod

Alright, surfers, time to get pumped up for some epic waves! Cape Cod's got the perfect combo of wind, water, and...

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Cape Cod Beverage Trail

Starting in PTown and making our way towards Falmouth, we are going to take you on the beverage trail where you'll get...

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Winter on Cape Cod

We are no stranger to Cape Cod summers...beaches everywhere you turn, outdoor dining, and fun outdoor activities. BUT...

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Sandy Neck Marsh Trail

Hikers can experience a wide variety of terrain all along the ocean just within a short days hike, ranging from 1.6 to...

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The Knob

This is a historic place in Falmouth where you can get a spectacular views of Quissett Harbor and Buzzards Bay! 


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Provincetown Causeway

One of the Cape's best kept secrets, hike the boulders built in 1911 all the way to the lighthouse, while overlooking...

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Real Estate Tour Spotlight: The No Pressure Approach

By Katelyn Michaud on Jun 8, 2020 10:37:15 AM

There’s nothing that makes me cringe more than sales. Once upon a time before I really became an experienced traveler, I went to the Boston Travel Show and got sucked into a sales pitch. All I had to do was spend a “free” night at a new hotel in western Massachusetts then I’d get roundtrip tickets and a three-night stay in San Diego. It sounded like a no brainer to me!

Topics: Behind the Scenes Ownership Understanding Fractional Ownership
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Why Millennials Are Buying Vacation Homes And You Should Too

By Allan Guilbeault on Jun 8, 2020 10:26:17 AM

You’ve read the headlines – Millennials are just entitled, lazy, and ruining the economy because they can’t afford to buy houses, cars, or anything with so much student loan debt. But those are just headlines created to get people to click on an article. Sure, millennials are managing life with tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt, but they are working just as hard as the previous generations to create a career that is meaningful to them and earn a living.

Topics: Ownership Understanding Fractional Ownership
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What Owners Love About their Home at RiverWalk Resort

By Katelyn Michaud on Jun 8, 2020 10:25:17 AM

The White Mountains have attracted seasonal guests for centuries with its pristine natural landscape and refreshing mountain air. Historic luxury hotels, like the Mt. Washington Resort and The Balsams, have left a long legacy of innovation, luxury, and a high-level of customer service. The RiverWalk Resort in Lincoln, New Hampshire is a newcomer to the scene but has been working hard to redefine modern luxury.

Topics: Ownership Understanding Fractional Ownership