As a young couple with our energetic 5-year-old, we were on the lookout for a family-friendly getaway to kick off the spring, and InnSeason Resorts HarborWalk in Falmouth, Massachusetts, exceeded our expectations for an exciting and fun-filled April weekend.

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Arriving on a vibrant Friday evening, the coastal charm of Falmouth and the welcoming atmosphere of InnSeason Resorts HarborWalk immediately set the stage for our family adventure. The anticipation of a seaside escape and the gentle ocean breeze created an immediate sense of excitement for both us and our little one.


Our accommodation at the resort was a spacious and well-equipped suite, offering views of the harbor that is directly across the street. The coastal-themed decor and the family-friendly amenities provided the perfect setting for a weekend of shared adventures and joy.

Eager to explore the outdoors, we spent the afternoon at the Shining Sea Bikeway, cycling along the scenic trail to Woods Hole. Our little one, riding in a child seat, giggled with delight as we pedaled past blooming flowers and coastal landscapes. The crisp April air and the family-friendly nature of the activity made it an ideal adventure for all. Stopping at Pie-in the Sky for coffee and fresh pasties, we nibble on them overlooking the water. 

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In the afternoon, we indulged in a delightful family picnic at Falmouth Harbor, enjoying the beautiful views and savoring local treats. The lively atmosphere of the harbor and the seagulls soaring overhead added to the excitement of our family day out. Stopping at a nearby marina, my son marveled at how the workers moved such big boats around like they were Tonka Toys!

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Despite our stay at InnSeason Resorts HarborWalk, we couldn't resist the temptation to drive over to InnSeason Resorts Surfside for some delightful family time at their heated pool. With Surfside's amenities available for HarborWalk guests, we seized the opportunity to make the most of our getaway. The laughter and joy that came from splashing and playing in the water created unforgettable memories of our family-friendly weekend.

Dinner was a lively affair at a nearby, waterfront restaurant called Shipwrecked, where we sampled delicious seafood and shared stories of our day's adventures. The energetic atmosphere and the coastal charm of the town added an extra layer of excitement to our family evening.

surfside-pool(1)The pool at InnSeason Resorts Surfside

Sunday morning called for more fun and exploration before bidding farewell to Falmouth. First, we headed over to a local favorite, Betsy’s Diner, for some tasty homemade dishes. Then we took a short drive over to the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and State Park which offers a spectacular location on Waquoit Bay and Nantucket Sound. There we spent a few hours roaming and exploring. We didn’t realize it, but they have lots of educational events to attend throughout the year. A beautiful place to visit, learn and relax. We’ll be back for sure.

Our next stop was the Cape Cod Children's Museum in Mashpee, where our little one explored interactive exhibits and engaged in creative play.

A lunch stop at Mashpee Commons was a must. We decided to have some more fun while we ate by choosing The Lanes Bowl & Bistro. Lots of things to choose from the menu and we had a blast bowling. My husband had been in a league for a while, so he unfairly had the high scores! After Lunch we walked around, window shopping and enjoying the fresh air. What a great family get-away!

Our April adventure at InnSeason Resorts HarborWalk in Falmouth, Massachusetts, was a perfect blend of family excitement and springtime fun. The resort's ideal location, combined with family-friendly activities, provided an invigorating setting for a memorable weekend. As we left the coastal haven, we carried with us the cherished memories of our family exploits, the laughter-filled moments, and the joy of an April weekend spent by the Atlantic.


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M. Parent

Written by M. Parent